Sunday, August 27, 2017

The First Week of School

Welcome to Hanging With Hoovie!  I must say I am taking a huge leap here as a first time blogger. I mean what would possess a 47 year old woman to start blogging?  Two words, my principal. He didn't actually walk up and say--you should start blogging, he just made a statement at the beginning of the school year.  He challenged teachers to take a leap, take on a challenge, do something you have been wanting to do but just haven't jumped in to doing. I am.

I'm starting this blog spot with the intention of documenting my school year.  Big deal, right?  I mean how many teachers are there across the US blogging?  I have no idea, but I'm sure it is more than 1. 😉 But, I stepped into a new role at school this year and I am hoping to share the great and the not so great (there may be more of those than I'd like) moments.  I want to know at the end of the year what I did well, so I can keep doing those things, and what I blew, so I don't ever do that again.  I also hope to highlight all the great things going on at my school.  I mean who doesn't want to brag on their school??

So let's get started.  First off, a little about my school-Sigler Elementary.  We are a Title 1 school with some pretty amazing little people (students) along with some unbelievably talented big people (teachers).  To say I love my school is a BIG understatement.  I mean I REALLY LOVE my school.  What's not to love?  We have one-to-one Chromebooks for our students, we just added some of the cutest Pre-Kinder students I've ever seen to our population, we have amazing community support, we have a pretty cool man in charge along with his wonderful side kick, (Matt and Carrie), we have a bilingual children that help me with my Spanish (como estas?), we have an incredible Maker Space in our library (Lego Wall, need I say more) and the list goes on.

We all know, there is no tired like the first week of school tired.  Can I get an amen?  I'm not going to lie, I thought this year I wouldn't be as tired, I no longer have a class of my own and as an instructional coach I'm not really "coaching" anyone the first week of school.  DEAD WRONG! Don't get me wrong it was a great kind of tired.  I was all over our school, popping into classrooms, checking on teachers, holding our crying pre-kinders, helping at lunch, watching teachers build relationships, realizing what really goes on in kindergarten the first week of school (now that's a kind of tired no one understands), covering classes and experiencing EVERY grade each day.  And wait, throw in a school-wide eclipse viewing to start the week.  WOW! That's all, WOW!

So what went well this week?  Pretty much everything.  We delivered everyone home safely, we had fun with our kiddos and began building relationships and we welcomed all those new kiddos who enrolled throughout the week with open arms.  We all pretty much rocked it.

As I walked around the school I heard some comments from teachers as well as students that stuck with me all week.  Here are a few:
1.  "That was epic, and by epic I mean awesome!"  (Kinder)
2.  "Mrs. Hoover, I didn't cry today."  (Pre-K)
3.  "That was a great answer.  Kiss your brain."  (Teacher)

To be honest I can't think of anything that went too wrong.  It's the first week of school so I there really wasn't too much to mess up.  😊 I am sure next week this part will have a few things as I get into classrooms more and sit in plannings with teams.  But overall I think I was where I needed to be each day.

All in all it was a great week and if week one is any indication of what is in store for the rest of the year will be like I will be blogging a lot.  Bring on week 2.  #SiglerNation #Siglerlearns